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Turnkey drops—from prelaunch to sold out

Simplify your drop process, maximize sales, and get customers.

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Easily launch, run, and sell-through your product releases.

Dropday handles the hard stuff about drops—fairness, protection from bots and crashes, inventory holds, buyer verification, secure checkout, and more.

Product pages are 100% white label—so they look and feel just like your website.

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and fair

Simple rules like randomization, transparent odds, and Fair Play Certified prioritize genuine fans over bots and scalpers.

Viral and

Fans increase their chances of catching your drop by sharing, and participating in your drops over multiple days.

400% better

With reduced competition from bots, customers have over 4x higher chances vs traditional first come, first serve systems.

Social chat boosts your chances of winning.

Sell-through your inventory

Turn customers into ambassadors with transparent chances, 7-day drops, and viral referrals.

  • Your customers can boost their chances of getting their hands on your products at any time by promoting your drop with their crowd.

  • With Dropday's optional 7-day drops, your drops become engaging events that give customers over 4x the chances of a traditional release.

  • Customers can see where they stand at any time, and winners receive a high-converting one-click checkout link.
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Fair Play Certified

Every release powered by Dropday is Fair Play Certified. A commitment between Brands and Fans to play fairly, and follow a set of rules protected by cutting-edge technology.

Only humans win
Advanced Bot Protection—
Only Humans Can Win
One entry per person
One Entry Per Person
Fair chances and room to improve
Equal Opportunities
to Increase Chances
Secure on-click checkout
Secure One-Click Checkout

Built to handle the heat 🔥

Control massive online traffic without downtime, checkout, or inventory problems.

  • Reliably deliver great customer experiences to over 1B+ customers with enterprise-grade server scaling and uptime

  • One-click secure checkout with over 96% conversion and no cartjacking or bots

  • Securely handle inventory holds, payments, order management, and even reduced-cost shipping labels

Product drops that handle high traffic.

Get more with drops

Maximize revenue, build trust, and avoid risk vs traditional product releases.


More revenue vs traditional releases


Customer satisfaction vs other channels


Increased conversions


Increased brand affinity after participating in a drop

Pricing for Creators to Fortune 500s

Simple pricing with no hidden fees. Setup and launch your drop in minutes
*Pricing based on volume of traffic, number of drops, and the features you choose.


  • 👉 Prelaunch landing page
  • 👉 Viral waitlist
  • 👉 Fair drop mechanics
  • 👉 Bot protection
  • 👉 Transparent chances
  • 👉 Boost Odds
  • 👉 Fair Play Certified
  • 👉 Crash protection
  • 👉 Inventory holds
  • 👉 Secure checkout
  • 👉 Payment verification
  • 👉 Daily draws
  • 👉 Guaranteed allocations
  • 👉 Custom order period
  • 👉 Loyalty rewards
  • 👉 Run til sold
  • 👉 Afterparty (Post-drop)
  • 👉 Email support


  • All the features in Platform plus...
  • 👉 Unlimited traffic (100M+ users)
  • 👉 Live streaming video w/chat
  • 👉 SMS alerts
  • 👉 Shipping labels
  • 👉 Custom solutions
  • 👉 OMS / Payments integrations
  • 👉 Custom integrations
  • 👉 Priority support

  • Let us know your requirements!

    We work directly with your team to create custom solutions to make your next product release awesome.

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Prelaunch landing page
Viral waitlist
Fair drop mechanics
Bot Protection
Transparent chances
Opportunities to increase chances
Fair Play Certified
Crash protection
Inventory holds
Secure checkout
Payment verification
Social chat
Daily draws
Guaranteed allocations
Custom order period
Loyalty reward codes
Run 'til sold
Email support
Unlimited scaling (100M+ users)
Live streaming video w/ chat
SMS alerts
QR Codes
Shipping labels
Custom solutions
Payments + OMS Integrations
Priority support


Dropday is a platform brands use to reliably and fairly launch viral limited releases. Dropday helps prevent crashes, bots, scammers, and delivers a fair experience for all—so your products go into the hands of real fans, not resellers or flippers.

Limited release product drops have come a long way from their origins in streetwear and sneaker culture. Not only are major brands across industries—from McDonald’s to Louis Vuitton to IKEA—embracing product drops, but contemporary brands like Supreme and SKIMS have skyrocketed in popularity thanks to the drop business model that keeps customers wanting more.

In 2022, a top 10 sneaker brand dropped an exclusive pair of shoes. Traffic to the site soared. The sneakers sold out. On the surface, everything went as planned. But behind the scenes, something was wrong. A post-sale audit of this sneaker drop found that over 97% of the activity was inorganic—clicks, visits, and requests from bots designed to snatch up stock for resale at huge markups.

Of the 1.7 million visitors who tried to access the drop, less than 100,000 were playing fairly. Massive bot numbers like this are becoming increasingly common for drops. It should be no surprise why—the global sneaker resale market alone is now worth an estimated $10 billion.

If these are the winners of the botting and reselling business, who are the losers? The retailers and their genuine customers.

This is why we built Dropday, to:

- Deliver a fairer, more engaging experience
- Block bots & abuse
- Ensure your site can deliver on demand
- Boost sales with scarcity marketing
- Build anticipation & hype
- Curate your brand with channel management & DTC
- Nurture loyalty with Invite-only access

Benefits for brands are clear:
- Increased brand awareness, affinity & community
- Increased brand equity
- Increased sales & hype with drops instead of discounts
- Cultivated relationships with loyalty programs
- Memorable customer experiences
- Boosted sales of the core product range

Dropday is a platform to quickly launch reliable product pages that are built to scale huge traffic, defeat bots, and go viral using incentives.

Companies simply upload their product information to get a live product page that can handle huge traffic, defeat bots, inventory holds, and high-converting 1-click checkout.

Dropday pages live on your own domain, and are completely white label so they look and feel just like your own site. Dropday pages can be used on your website, across your socials, and anywhere else you engage with your fans.

Request a demo to learn more

Dropday gives fans a much higher chance of winning, and offers fair, transparent chances of snagging limited releases from the brands they love.

Customers discover your Dropday page on your website or socials and hit "Join Drop".

They instantly see their chances of winning and can participate in chat directly with the brand and other users to boost their odds.

When they win, they receive a link to a simple one-click checkout (with your branding).

If they aren't lucky this time, their odds go up for the next drop they participate in.

Shipping, fulfillment, and customer service is all handled by the brand.

You can launch a limited release product page in as little as a day. Here's how it works:

  • Choose a plan above and hit "Get Started".
  • Tell us more information about your brand, traffic requirements, and feature needs.
  • We'll setup your brand's Dropday profile and your first product release for you.
  • Share your page on your social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, anywhere your customers are.
  • If you added chat, this is your chance to engage customers, answer questions, and reward loyal users.
  • Once your drop ends you'll get paid directly and receive a list of verified orders to fulfill.
  • If you choose we can send you reduced-price shipping labels to help with fulfillment.

Dropday works for everyone—individuals, Fortune 500 companies, and everyone in between. If you're looking for certain features, for instance if you would like to handle payment/checkouts on your platform or have custom integration requirements, select the 'Custom' tier and Contact Us to discuss custom solutions and pricing.

Dropday is a completely turn-key end-to-end solution for brands. You will only need your existing product and brand assets to launch products. For custom solutions, we work together with your development team for integrations, special requirements or features.

Sharing your Dropday page on every social platform you have makes it easy for your most important content to be seen and engaged with by all of your followers. You can even use QR codes to generate online traffic in offline places, and drive people to your links.